What To Do Before Your Eye Exam.

Eye Exam

When you go in for your eye exam, you'll find that for the typical eye doctor, the "office" consists of a waiting area where you can read, relax or browse the latest eyewear, a reception area, a "pre-diagnostic" area where preliminary tests are conducted and the "exam lane," where your eye exam is administered by your eye doctor. Most also have a dispensary where professional opticians work with you and your eye doctor to help you select lenses, lens treatments and frames that best fit you and your lifestyle.

What's with all the questions?

The more your eye doctor and his or her associates know about you, your health history and your lifestyle, the better able they'll be to care for your eyes and your precious vision. So, what to do before your eye exam? Be prepared. For instance, if you walk in expecting a lot of questions – and better yet, with a few simple answers in hand – the better your visit and your eye exam will be. Also be sure to work through our interactive guide, which will provide a great deal of insight to both you and your eyecare professional.

Have a few answers at the ready!

You'll want to have a valid ID handy as well as your vision insurance information right when you walk in the door. Some other things to think about prior to your visit:

  • What eye problems are you having now? Is your vision blurry or hazy at certain distances? Do you have problems in your side vision? Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in certain lighting situations?
  • Do you have a history of any eye problems or eye injury? Do you have a current prescription for glasses or contact lenses? Are you wearing them regularly, and if so, are you still happy with them?
  • Were you or your loved one born prematurely? Have you had any health problems in the recent such as high blood pressure or heart disease? Are you diabetic? Are you considered overweight?
  • Are you taking any medications? Do you have allergies to medications, food or other materials? Seasonal allergies?
  • Has anyone in your family (including parents) suffered from eye problems or diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration?
  • Has anyone in your family (including parents) suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes? What about other health problems that can affect the whole body like blood disorders or cancer?

Eye exams include a detailed history because many things you might consider unrelated to vision may actually affect your current vision, or reveal potential risks for developing certain eye diseases. Be ready to provide a complete history at your next eye exam, and help the front desk, and your eye doctor, best prepare for the examination that follows.

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