Eyecare: Healthy Eyes Start With You.

Your eyes – and caring for your eyes – require understanding, as well as constant care and attention. In fact, eye sight is considered by most to be the most important of your five senses. But eyecare is often overlooked in favor of more pressing daily concerns. Work. Play. Chores. Children. These can all get in the way of maintaining healthy eyes. Even your cultural heritage can impact the long-term health of your eyes in ways you might not expect.

The result? We neglect our annual eye exam, tighten and adjust our frames ourselves, and often pay a visit to our eye doctor only when there is a problem.

Don't your eyes deserve better than that? How many of the things you do every day would be possible without the blessing of healthy eyes? How many of the things you do every single minute of every day depend upon your eye sight? This website and our interactive guide can help provide the information you need. Along with your eyecare professional – your ultimate eyeglass guide – we'll help you build a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy vision.

A plan for eye health. For everybody.

If you truly value your eye sight and see your eyes as a window to your world, then you'll need a plan for caring for your eyes and maintaining healthy sight for a lifetime. This section will help you put that plan into place, with a wealth of information on everything from how your eyes work to protecting your vision to caring for your eyes. You'll learn how lifestyle choices play a role in eyecare and eye health, and learn the warning signs for a host of vision problems.

It's all here to help you become your own best advocate for healthy sight. Here's looking at you!

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