Sunwear: The Complete Package.

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If you wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, prescription sunglasses are the perfect complement, offering comfort and protection from extreme sun and glare as well as essential UV protection. Polarized sunglasses are a must for driving and while playing or working near water or in the snow. Polarized sunglasses can also provide all-around clearer, sharper vision. Finally, photochromic sunwear actually adapts to various lighting conditions and is available in prescription and non-prescription offerings from a wide selection of name-brand manufacturers.

Prescription sunglasses.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or driving in the car – and still need vision correction – prescription sunglasses are just what the doctor ordered. Since most prescription sunglasses block 100% UV, prescription sunglasses are a healthy way to enjoy the great outdoors. For driving, many eyecare professionals suggest using the darkest lenses available to protect against the brightness of the sun as well as distracting, disabling and potentially dangerous glare.

Polarized sunglasses.

For reduced glare and increased clarity in your vision, a pair of polarized sunglasses can't be beat. An invisible filter is built into your lenses – making images appear sharper and clearer while reducing the intensity of the sun's glare. Make sure your polarized sunglasses block 100% UV, and remember that polarized sunglasses are available with or without a prescription.

Performance sunwear.

Photochromic sunglasses products, such as Transitions® Performance sunwear adjust from dark to darker, depending upon the presence and level of UV rays. They're available in a variety of color and tint ranges, polarized and non-polarized options, as well as a variety of product formulations designed for specific outdoor activities. They block 100% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, are compatible with many frame brands and styles and they're available both with and without a prescription.

Many eyecare professionals suggest that you also have a pair of quality sunglasses. So why not choose a second pair that makes a real difference in the comfort and clarity of vision while doing the things you love most!

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