Caring For Your Eyeglasses: Your Frames.

Girl wearing glasses

Your glasses are designed to correct your vision based on being held firmly in a fixed, stable position in front of your eyes. So when it comes to proper eyeglass care, it’s pretty easy to see why protecting and maintaining your frames are as important as caring for your lenses.

Handle With Care!

To avoid twisting or misaligning your frames, eyecare professionals suggest using both hands when putting on and taking off your glasses or sunglasses.

  • To put them on: Gently grasp the frame arms of your glasses with equal pressure and carefully slide them on, lifting them over your ears.
  • To take them off: Reverse this process using the same gentle grip. Just tip them up and slide them slowly forward. This may seem elementary, but just remember we told you so the next time you whip your glasses off like you’re Clark Kent running into a phone booth.

Be Aware!

When was the last time you actually took a good look at your frames? Periodically check your eyeglass frames to see if they are misaligned, and to test for loose screws at the temples and, if applicable, at the bridge of the nose. If the frame looks twisted, or if your lenses seem to ride unevenly on your nose, then it’s time to drop in on your eyecare professional for an eyeglass frame adjustment. In addition, many drug stores sell inexpensive eyeglass tool kits containing a small screwdriver and an assortment of temple screws for emergency repairs.

Making Adjustments.

It’s a good idea to stop in regularly to see your neighborhood optician. He or she will be happy to adjust your frames for you – even if you didn’t originally purchase your glasses there. Remember, your eyecare professional is trained to know how your lenses need to be positioned relative to your eye. Also, an eyeglass frame can contain fragile materials and design elements that could easily break in your effort to fix or adjust them.

Even a slight adjustment can make an important difference in the comfort of your glasses and the quality of your vision. Top it off with a gentle wash in warm water, dry with a soft cloth and you’re good to go!

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