Make The EyeGlass Builder Part Of Your Practice

It Starts With You.

Child with eye doctor

You are the ultimate eyeglass guide. The EyeGlass Builder web site, the interactive quiz, educational videos and information on a range of lens options and treatments are all designed to help support you in your efforts to provide your patients with the eyewear that's right for them.

Your Guide To Success!

The builder has been a huge success for patients and eyecare professionals, alike. Last year, close to 250,000 eyeglass and contact lens wearers looked to The EyeGlass Guide. And of those who wear prescription glasses, 9 out of 10 of them completed the 27-question lifestyle questionnaire that's at the heart of the online interactive guide. That kind of engagement is unheard of in this day and age. And when you consider that the results of the guide are designed specifically to be reviewed with you and your associates – and that there is a tool built into the online guide that allows patients to find an eyecare professional like you – we hope you quickly see how the guide can help your existing patients as well as help you attract new ones!

How To.

There is a lot you and your associates can do to make The EyeGlass Builder part of your day-to-day practice. The simplest is just making sure your patients know about The EyeGlass Guide and take the time to review it before coming in for their appointment. Reminder calls or showing it to them in the exam lane as reference for their next visit are all great ways to get your patients engaged.

Link Your Practice.

You can link The EyeGlass Builder to your practice's website. Quickly and easily. Simply have your webmaster copy the following HTML code and paste it into the code for your HTML page:

If entered correctly, it will appear like this:

EyeGlass Guide

Also, when you link the EyeGlass Builder to your website, patients old and new will be taken to a special version of The EyeGlass Guide site that does NOT include the "find an eyecare professional" locator. Since they're already your patients – or potential new patients – there's no need to send them anywhere else. Another way The EyeGlass Guide is designed for your success!