Choosing Eyeglass Frames? Think Lenses First.

Eyeglass lenses need to work perfectly with the eyeglass frames you choose!

If you're like most people, choosing eyeglass frames may seem like the most important part of what you're doing when choosing a new pair of glasses. After all, the fashion frames and frame styles you select are a unique expression of your individual personality. Eyeglass frames represent a mixture of form and function; style and substance – an individual yet purposeful statement about how we all choose to see the world.

But choosing the right eyeglass frames is only half the story. There's nothing worse than finding the perfect frames, only to discover that your prescription – your lenses – won't work with the eyeglass frames you've already fallen in love with.

Start with your lenses first, then select your frames.

There are so many decisions to make – and so many things to consider – when choosing the perfect frame style, color and frame shape. It's often beneficial to start by knowing exactly what type of frame works with your type of vision. If you wear bifocals or no-line bifocals, for example, the frames you pick may be too small to work properly with multi-focal lens designs.

And if you consider the remarkable lens options available to you - photochromic lenses that change their level of tint from clear to dark based on changing lighting conditions, anti-reflective coatings that cut glare, scratch-resistant coatings and shatter-resistant lens materials that extend the life and usefulness of lenses – then it's easy to see why lenses need to be an integral part of your next eyewear decision.

Lenses that fit your life lead to frames that fit your style.

There's a lot to think about. You need lenses, and need a wide range of styles, features and benefits to choose from. You want great frames as well, ones that reflect your personal style and lifestyle needs while providing the best possible vision.

That's where we come in. We created the Interactive EyeGlass Guide to help eyeglass wearers young and old choose eyeglass frames based on the specific demands of the lenses that best correct and enhance your vision.

It's an easy, interactive, fun way to look at your life (and your frames)... as a function of your personal style when the time comes to get new glasses. And new eyeglass lenses.